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Neutering of female rabbits

Reasons for the neutering:


Unneutered female rabbits have a high probability of developing womb tumours.

For this reason, we strongly recommend to get female rabbits neutered.An additional benefit is that their behaviour also improves.

Phantom pregnancies, spraying of urine, chasing and mounting of others will occur less afterwards.




Although the castration of a female rabbit is a routine procedure, it is a bigger operation than the neutering of amale rabbit.




We use a designed inhalation for these delicate patients.



In most cases, the rabbits can go home on the very same evening.

In case they appear too tired, we recommend they stay overnight to monitor.

We also recommend that you offer your rabbit their favourite food straight away or you can additionally feed something called "critical care".

We will provide you with some pain relief for the following 3 days.


We will not need to remove any stitches, because the wound has no visible sutures.

For 3 days after the surgery, rabbits have to be kept on a clean surface and the wound checked once daily.

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