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Vaccinations against VHD (viral haemorrhagic disease) in rabbits

Other names for this illness:

"Chinaseuche" or RHD (Rabbit haemorrhagic Disease)


Occurrence in switzerland:

Since 2016 there has been a new type (Typ 2) of the RHD-virus (rabbit haemorrhagic dissease).

This illness affects rabbits, which live indoors as well as ones living oudoors.

Clinical symptoms:

Affected rabbits can suddenly die or quickly die after a short illness.

In most of cases, all rabbits in the colony are affected, even the juvenile.



VHD is highly infectious.


The spreading of the virus can occur through direct or indirect contact, such as contact to faeces and urine, contaminated food,  bedding, fur and hair, clothes, etc.


Once the illness has occured, treatment is difficult.


There is a vaccination for this illness (Filavac RHD KC+V®).

Series of vaccination:

  • first annual vaccination is available from 10. weeks of age possibly

  • the vaccination is annual

In highly infectious areas, can the first vaccination can be repeated after 6 weeks and can also be given every 6 month.

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