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Endoscopic castrations of male tortoises

Reasons for castration


Very often female and sometimes other male tortoises get harassed by male tortoises. Sometimes this can result in injuries and often they have to be seperated.


If the area where the tortoises live is big enough and well structured with places to hide, this can help. While a temporary separation can improve the situation, longterm a castration is the best solution in most cases.

The "Schildkröten-Interessengemeinschaft Schweiz (SIGS)" recommends castration.



The tortoise should not eat 2 days prior to the castration.

The procedure is minimally invasive but is done under full general anesthetic.


There will be 2 incisions just in front of both hind legs. The testicles will be found with a special camera and removed with endoscopic instruments.

Hoden Schildkröte.png

After care:


After the operation, there will only be 2 tiny cuts in front of both hind legs.

Schildkröten Naht kast.png

Picture: tiny suture by the shell


We recommend that the tortoises stay with us overnight.


The sutures will only be removed 4 - 6 weeks after the castration.

Picture through the endoscope: the testicle is yellow, the epididymis is black

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